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You can select one or more of any tea and choose to have it delivered at your chosen frequency. After your first order, you'll be able to log in to your account and manage your subscriptions, altering your frequency, tea flavors, and quantities any time. You can pause or skip your upcoming subscriptions, and start and stop any time.

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Our tea is grown all over the world. Our team of artisan farmers and producers have been sought out for their expertise and quality as well as their commitment to sustainability and the global supply chain.

After a rigorous selection process, We import the tea to the USA, and the Teaton tea sommeliers craft our blends exclusively for you. We test, taste, consume, and once we're confident you'll love our teas, we bring them to your doorstep.

Yes! Our entire process, from growth to manufacturing takes the environment into account. Our tea sachets (bags) are 100% compostable, and our packaging is biodegradable and uses no plastics.

You don't have to take our word for it though- check out our certifications from independent organizations here:

A Plastic Panel Evaluation

NQA Certification

Qualitative Analysis of our Compostables

USDA/ISO Certification