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Climbers Blend

All Natural Goodness

Everyone climbs mountains for different reasons, but the common denominator we all face is the altitude fluctuation. We want to provide a tea that will assist you in summiting. Blended for easing altitude related issues while climbing, this tea contains ingredients for restoration and balance.

THE BLEND-All Natural, No Artificial Flavoring, Organic

Beets "Super Food" (Germany): Folate (B9) and nitrate-rich beetroot widens blood vessels to enhance athletic performance and brain functioning.

Ginger (Japan): Relieves nausea, motion sickness, muscle pain and soreness and helps stimulate appetite.

Turmeric (India): Anti-inflammatory super food (activated by black pepper) promotes liver functioning, brain health, joint health, and provides circulatory stimulation to prevent blood clots.

Orange Peel (Japan): soothing (especially to digestive tract), combats nausea and headaches. Great source of vitamin C.

Black Pepper (Ethiopia): Black pepper assists in the absorption of essential nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. Potentially may also promote gut health.

Licorice Root (Spain): Aids in lung health, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-fungal properties, prevents dizziness and fatigue.

Lemongrass (India): anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, lemongrass adds a warm brightness in flavor and promotes healthy digestion.

Ashwagandha (India):  May help reduce stress and anxiety, increase muscle mass and strength, reduce inflammation and improve brain function and memory.

Honey Bee Pollen "Super Food" (USA):Considered a complete nutrition, perfect food.  Contains all the nutrients required by the human body.

Flavor:  Natural Orange

Our entire process, from growth to manufacturing takes the environment into account. Our tea sachets (bags) are 100% compostable, and our packaging is biodegradable. You don't have to take our word for it though- check out our certifications from independent organizations here:

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